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Help Dyme make finances simple and accessible for everyone. 

About Dyme

Dyme is a VC-backed, rapidly growing Fintech. Serving 300,000 users, we provide the tools customers need to manage their finances and - wherever possible - save money too!

Dyme's values: 

We’re a young and growing team with big ambitions. We are based in the heart of Amsterdam, but working remotely is accepted company-wide. Wherever we are, we all have the same common goal: make finances simple and accessible for everyone!

This is needed because big institutions are more focused on their own profits, than the wellbeing of customers. Banks do not offer suggestions on reducing spending or increasing income; insurers do not check whether customers are receiving a product that is truly beneficial; and subscription providers do not care if customers are actually using what they pay for. 

Ultimately, Dyme is empowering customers to be in control of their finances instead of the other way around.

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Dyme is looking for new talent to join our team. We aim to simplify finances and are looking for people who truly care about providing the best customer experience possible. If you are passionate, ambitious and ready for a new challenge - join Dyme!

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